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Big Announcement - Changes happening to Shipley Pet Care!

Dear Valued Pet Parents,

This is a huge announcement for us - we would like to inform you that Shipley Pet Care will be undergoing a change of ownership.

We are delighted to announce that after much time and consideration, we have found a trusted pet business owner, who is also a dear friend to take over our operations and continue providing you and your furry friends with the same level of quality and care that you have come to expect from us. Rebecca and Ruth will be taking a step back from ownership and management, but will still be part of the staff and team.

The new owner, Mallory from Mall’s Pals, has a wealth of experience in the pet industry operating for 5+ years, and is committed to upholding the same high standards that we have established in our business over 10+ years. We are confident that this change in ownership will bring positive change for both new and existing clients, please bare with us if there are some teething issues during this time. This handover will officially commence 1st of July but we will be starting this transition from the 1st of May to ensure all staff members meet all the lovely SPC pack in good time.

We understand that t

his news may come as a surprise! And we want to assure you that we will work closely with Mallory to ensure a smooth transition.

Shipley Pet Care residence, our family home which has been the heart and soul of running our wonderful pet care business is finally ready to be sold, so that our wonderful parents who have helped support our journey and love for all things pets, can downsize and retire at the end of the year.

All existing bookings, appointments, and agreements will be honoured.

Changes to note:

Dog Walking

During the transitional phase, we will be doing our best to minimise changes. You and the dogs will see some new smiley faces along the way. Prices, the regular walker each week, pick up and drop off times will remain the same as before. We will also continue using the booking platform as normal.

Home Boarding

Ruth and Rebecca will continue boarding dog tos with our boarding licence up until SPC family residence is sold (subject to availability).

Mallory has a boarding licence (subject to availability).

Home visits Continued as normal (subject to availability)

Home Stays Continued as normal (subject to availability)

Wedding chaperone Continued as normal (subject to availability)

Existing terms and conditions, as well as agreements will remain the same.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and trust in us over the years. We are confident that Mallory will continue to provide you with the same level of exceptional service that we have provided, and we appreciate your continued support as we go through this transition.

We want to express or deepest gratitude and say a huge thank you to all our lovely pet parents for allowing us the honour of opening our hearts to all the pets under our care. This is a deeply emotional change for us, thank you for allowing two sisters to enjoy running the most fulfilling and rewarding business together for so many years (10+!). Shipley Pet Care wouldn’t be what it is today without you! We won’t disappear entirely and will still be a part of the furry family.

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Mallory as we look forward to a bright future for Shipley Pet Care! Mallory and her team will be added to our ‘about us’ page on our website soon so you can begin to get to know the growing team!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Ruth and Rebecca (The walking sisters)

Shipley Pet Care x

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