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Frequently Asked Questions

Walking Questions
Why group dog walks?

We offer a safe environment for mental, physical stimulation and socialisation. Did you know that 10 minutes of mental stimulation is equivalent to 1 hour of physical exercise? It’s important for dogs to have both physical exercise and mental stimulation through socialising with others. We pride ourselves in prioritising dog safety first which our exclusive space offers, which means that dogs are free to be themselves, without worry of invading picnics or risk picking up questionable rubbish/ dangerous litter left over in public spaces, or chancing unwanted and potentially dangerous encounters. You can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is in great hands with 10 years of industry experience where they are free to be themselves, playing with their friends and return home after having a fulfilled pawsome day. A great option for pet parents who would like their dog to have a fun day out during the working week, or feel their dog would benefit from making new friends and extra exercise.

What happens during walks?

Your dog will be collected from your home and walked either in enclosed spaces locally or on our private secure land, 4 acres of nature exclusive to Shipley Pet Care and owned by a charity trust in Portishead. Where your pup is free to socialise and exercise with friends in a safe environment. We will send you photo and video updates throughout so you can see how your pup is getting on. In this setting dogs match up with other dogs who have the same energy level and play style, or take everything in their stride if they have lower energy e.g. particular breeds or age groups. Everyone is able to take their exercise at their own pace and we will always cater to the pace of the slowest dog, so there is no pressure to keep up. After 60-90mins (depending on weather and energy levels of the group) your dog is returned safely to your home.

I'm interested in regular group walks. How do I sign up?

Our morning group walk subscription is 1 day minimum (same day) each week. If you believe your dog would be a good fit for Shipley Pet Care, please get in touch and let us know which day(s) you require! We then arrange a free meet and greet from your home, where we can introduce ourselves and run over details. From there we will then arrange a trial to ensure your pup is happy, and all being well we can then confirm and secure their space for regular walks. Your walking subscription will be setup and automated for you - one less bit of admin for pet parents!

Can I add additional walks for my regular walking dog?

Yes you can! Submit your request online for any additional walks and we will be able to confirm them if we have spaces available. Keep a look out on our social media (Facebook and Instagram where we will announce if we have additional walking spots.

How to set up a subscriptionHow to Video

1. Get in touch with us to confirm which day(s) you require every month (subject to availability). We will then set up your recurring bookings online for you. 2. After receiving our welcome email log into your booking portal and complete yours and your pets details as fully as possible. Emergency contact and vet details especially required for insurance purposes. 3. Log onto your account and add ‘PAYMENT METHOD’. Your walks will then be automatically charged monthly using Stripe

When will my dog be picked up and dropped off for the group walk?

9-10:30am for pick up from your home, and drop off is usually 1-2pm at your home. This may vary depending on external factors e.g. traffic, number of collections that day, and if length of walk was changed due to weather. We usually have key access to most of our clients homes so that you do not have to be there or be in a rush to get back for when we arrive. We can also use a master lock if you have one outside your property. If we are not provided with key access because you work from home or you are certain someone will be in within those hours (9am-2pm) then we will ring the doorbell when we arrive. If dogs are unable to be returned home because we are unable to access your home, or no one is in then they will be taken back to Shipley Pet Care residence for pet parent to collect asap and a full day care rate will be charged on top of the walk.

What can I do before the walk to make it a great experience for my dog?

Make sure your dog has eaten well before we collect them (at least 1 hour, or feed after the walk), and had a toilet break before collection to avoid any upset tummies and accidents. Leave them in a room easy for us to collect them with their collar/harness on so they are ready for us to attach the lead. Leave us a towel at the door especially if its been a soggy day so we can give them a rub down on our return to get the worst off. If it’s a hot day you can also leave out a ‘cool jacket’ for us to put on your dog during the walk.

What can I expect after the walk?

This depends on the age of your dog and how new they are to group walks. Your dog will return home having had great fulfilling day with plenty of social and physical stimulation. It is very normal for them to enjoy an afternoon nap shortly after their return. We do find new members may initially be very stimulated and excitable even after their walk, but as they settle into their new routine we find most dogs eventually return home happy to relax for the rest of the day once the novelty of a new friendship group wears off! Though we always provide a large container of water during the walk for dogs to access whenever they need it, they may be too excited to remember to drink during the walk, so ensure you keep a full bowl of water out ready for their return as they may still be thirsty.

Will my dog be a good fit at Shipley Pet Care?

Shipley Pet Care is for dogs : - Who benefit and enjoy social interaction - That are neutered - 6 months+ of age - Dog friendly - Child and people friendly - Have good recall as all dogs are walked off lead - Happy to travel in a crate - Within a 2 mile radius of Shipley Pet Care (check google maps for driving distance from BS9 4RP) We carefully consider what dogs will fit in with our existing group and work hard to ensure all dogs in our care are having a good time. Safety is the top priority for our dogs, but emotional and behavioral well-being is also always priority — for your dog and for the others in the group. Dog’s sociability and personality changes throughout life as do human’s. Although many dogs thrive in a group environment, it isn’t always right for every dog, or for every stage in a dog’s life. This is why we always arrange a meet and greet to assess temperament, and all being well afterwards a trial to ensure suitability. We continually monitor each dog’s temperament for the entirety of the time they are with us. However, if there are changes and we see that your dog is no longer enjoying themselves, overwhelmed, overstimulated, anxious or stressed then we will always keep you informed if we see they are no longer benefiting from the group environment. We are open to working together with a trainer if there are some management and training techniques that can be utilized if any issues arise. However, some behaviors are incredibly difficult to train or manage in a large playgroup. If we find that we are no longer the best option for your dog then we are happy to recommend alternative options and carers who might be a better fit. We will always act in the best interest of your dog, our team and the group.

Day Care
Day Care
Can I book my dog in for day care?

This depends on the age of your dog and how new they are to group walks. Your dog will return home having had great fulfilling day with plenty of social and physical stimulation. It is very normal for them to enjoy an afternoon nap shortly after their return. We do find new members may initially be very stimulated and excitable even after their walk, but as they settle into their new routine we find most dogs eventually return home happy to relax for the rest of the day once the novelty of a new friendship group wears off! Though we always provide a large container of water during the walk for dogs to access whenever they need it, they may be too excited to remember to drink during the walk, so ensure you keep a full bowl of water out ready for their return as they may still be thirsty.

Why home from home boarding?

We like to think we provide dogs with their very own holiday whilst you are away! Most owners would agree that instead of being contained in a kennel, they would prefer their dogs to have a cage free sleepover experience, stretching out on a comfy sofa, playing with a group of friends each morning and have plenty of cuddles throughout the day in a dog loving family home. Loving care for when you’re not there is exactly what we provide all pups staying at Shipley Pet Care.

I'm interested in boarding. What happens next?

Shipley Pet Care is especially for dogs : - Who benefit and enjoy social interaction, - That are neutered, - 6 months+ of age, - Dog friendly, - Child and people friendly, - Have good recall as all dogs are walked off lead - Housetrained - Not too vocal (as we operate from a residential home we have to be careful to be considerate of the neighbours when having groups of dogs stay) - Comfortable to travel in a crate. - Happy to have a group sleepover sharing with other dogs downstairs If you believe your dog fits our requirements, please get in touch. We can then arrange a free meet and greet with you and your dog in our home, this also helps to begin some familiarisation in the new environment. The meeting itself will only take about 15-20 minutes primarily as a temperament test and to run over details and answer questions. Meet and greets are available weekdays 2-4pm. From there we will then arrange a trial board (just bring your dogs food, something that smells of home e.g. a t shirt, blanket or their bed if they prefer to use their own). You know your dog best so if you feel they would benefit from a trial walk or daycare first to ease them in more slowly we can arrange that. Boarding trials are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8-9am til the following morning. Dogs must be dropped off in the morning for a trial, to give your dog the full day to experience the routine at Shipley Pet Care and for us to see how they get on. Your dog will join the group walk, and have the best chance to be well exercised for resting and settling down in the evening. You must also be available to be on standby on the trial night in case your dog is unable to settle and needs collecting. We aim not to call you any later than 10pm. All being well we can then confirm future boarding bookings. As always an emergency contact must be available for any period you are away. Please note: at the moment we have very limited availability for new boarding clients. If we are unable to accommodate your dog in our home we may be able to offer house sitting in your home as an alternative option. Otherwise we are happy to recommend alternative carers you can try.

What are your drop off & collection times?

Drop off and collection is exclusively between two hourly slots each day. 8-9am and 4:30-5:30pm. If your dog is already part of our group walks and we hold a key to your home, we include morning collection and drop off from your home for boarding. This is en route to our morning walk (9-10:30am) - One last thing to worry about before you leave for a trip! Please leave your dogs belongings in a bag near the front door, and send us a photo of it when it is in place so we are sure to collect the correct items. If you are dropping your dog to us then morning drop offs are preferred. This way your dog has time to reintegrate with the pack, be well exercised and tired after the group walk to be able to settle to bed easier. If you choose to drop your dog off in our afternoon slot, then your dog must have already boarded at Shipley Pet Care several times recently so we are sure they are already very familiar, and you will need to make sure you have already given them a good walk to ensure they settle well for the evening. If your dog is booked in for add-on daycare then you are responsible for collection at the end of the day 4:30-5:30. Arriving for drop off/ collection outside of these hours may incur a charge, unless out of hours time is agreed in advance.

What do I need to bring in my dogs boarding bag?

Your dogs food, something that smells of home e.g. a blanket or t shirt, their bed/crate only if they have a special preference to use their own, any medicine (with instructions) and that’s it! We have plenty of our own bowls, toys, and beds your pup is welcome to use. We always have stock of treats, poo bags and use our own leads. It is also important to make sure your emergency contact is up to date and able to collect your dog should there be an emergency.

Will my dog be alone?

There are 5 working members of Shipley Pet Care and between us will always be supervising and attending the dogs , you can read more about each of us in the ‘about’ tab :) Rebecca, Ruth, Emily, Grace, and Nina. There are 6 adult family members who all live in the Shipley Pet Care house and most of us work from home . There is also 1 baby and 3 resident dogs. There won’t be a moment your dog isn’t in the company of other humans or dogs!

House Sitting
House Sitting
What's the house sitting process?

We will arrange a free induction at your home to run through how your house works and your pets routine before you leave. You will need to complete a house sitters checklist in advance to ensure our sitters are fully prepared during their stay, so that way you’re not disturbed with messages full of questions whilst you are away. As well as confirming the times the sitter arrives and leaves. Please have keys available if they’re not already stored with Shipley Pet Care, these can be collected during the house induction. If your dog has not yet been introduced to the house sitter we will need to coordinate a day where your dog walks with the allocated sitter to ensure they have established some trust and connection before your trip. Our sitters will then stay with your pet in the comfort of their own home for the duration of your trip and keep you updated via whatsapp group. Any house sitting dogs will automatically have a space for group walks during the days our sitters walk. An emergency contact as always must be available during the entirety of the time you are away. House sitting is for a period of up to 24 hours at a time.

Home Visits
Home Visits
What happens during the home visit?

We visit your home in the afternoon/evenings and provide fuss, food and water replenishment and/or garden time for toilet breaks for up to 20mins with photo +/ video updates. This is a great option for pets who prefer to be in the comfort of their own home when their pet parents are on holiday, particularly cats where transfer to a cattery can often be a stressful experience for many. Or older pets who are happy to be home during the working day, but appreciate a friendly face to check-in to break the day up with some cuddles/treats and a toilet break. However we are not exclusive to cats/dogs and are more than happy to visit most animals e.g. birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, chickens, fish even stick insects etc feel free to get in touch to enquire!

I'm interested in home visits. What happens next?

We are able to visit homes within a 2 mile driving radius of BS9 4RP (please check google maps before enquiring). We will arrange a free meet and greet in advance to run through the routine, go over any other details and collect keys- this won’t take any longer than 15 minutes . All being well you can then register online, where you have your own booking portal to manage and request bookings whenever you require our help. If you would prefer we didn’t hold on to your keys at the end of our visits, we can use any master lock available at your property. For households that we do not hold the keys for +/ have no master lock, please let us know when you plan to drop your keys to us (there’s a good chance we will be out walking/visiting other animals) in an envelope with your pets name on it (no address!) in advance of your trip and we will confirm when we’ve received it.

General Enquiries
General Enquiries 
How do I sign up and make a booking?

We have our own online booking system so you can create and manage your bookings online. Once we’ve had a successful meet and greet you can register all your pets details (required by our insurance) on the registration form link emailed to you. It is crucial you include vet details, emergency contact, tick T&C’s have been read and agreed, and also add card payment under payment method. You will then have your very own pet portal to create bookings online through our website. Registered clients, just click the ‘customer login’ on our website (feel free to bookmark this page for easy login). If your booking request is confirmed than an invoice with payment details will be sent to you. Reminder that our system creates booking requests, and we will confirm availability on our end which we do at the end of each day. Bookings are only officially confirmed when done online (not through messages or by word).

I sent my booking request. When will I know it's been confirmed?

We confirm booking requests at the end of each day by around 7pm. If we are unable to confirm a booking we will let you know via WhatsApp. We are unable to guarantee any next day bookings.

What's the latest time I can book?

Cut off point for booking is 7pm (19:00) for next day bookings. After this time we will be able to respond to any messages or requests the following day.

I've cancelled/amended the dates I need. What's the updated payment due?

Our cancellation policy is a minimum of 24 hours for walks and house visits, and 1 week before boarding. If cancellations are made in good time then you may keep any payments already made as credit for a future booking or we can refund the amount back to you. Any late cancellations will not be refunded or credited. Check ‘account summary’ and ‘schedule’ online on the left side for the most up to date status.

Where and when do I send payment?

Payments for all services are made through the online booking portal. We have automatic payment on your profile with Stripe, a payment card processor that offers a simple and convenient way for clients to pay invoices with a credit and/or a debit card. Payments will be automatically charged at the point of invoice to ensure all payments are made in advance to confirm and secure your booking.

Communication & messaging

We are at our busiest 9am-2:00pm caring for pets or most likely driving to a walk. We will be able to respond to messages and enquiries after that time. If there are any changes to details regarding a booking e.g. ‘don’t ring doorbell baby is sleeping’ ‘please access using master lock instead we are out’ ‘there are builders please use the side gate instead’ etc etc. make sure you inform us well before the start of the service so that we have time to see your message and adjust any changes to the regular routine accordingly, as we are unable to check on these details when driving. We are closed from 7pm and unable to respond to messages after that time. As a small family business this means we are all very hands on deck with most of the day spent in caring for pets which means less time for admin. We aim to respond to email/social media enquiries within 2 working days.

How are you eco friendly?

- We use compostable poo bags - We feed your dog home made treats and fresh vegetables - We use cruelty free and natural products - We stock vegan dry dog food - Our energy suppliers are all renewable energy - Our vans are electric run and 0 emission - We recycle all food packaging We believe that being kind to the planet is crucial in every area of our lives, that includes every sized business and how we care for our animal companions. We pride ourselves in making responsible and considerate choice for the planet in every aspect of our small pet care business.

What are your prices?

Group Dog Walk (60-90min morning pack walks including pick up and drop off) - £18 per walk (1 day a week minimum) House visit (afternoon/evening visits >20 mins for fuss and replenishment) - £12 Overnight Boarding (>24 hours from Shipley Pet Care residence, home-from-home experience. Daily group dog walk included. Pick up/drop off available for dogs within 2 mile radius) - £45 Bolt-on Daycare (option for later pick up after boarding >12 hours. Daily group walk included. Pick up/drop off available for dogs within 2 mile radius) - £30 House sitting (>24 hours, house sitter stays in your home with your pet. Solo or group walks included.) - £55

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