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Privacy Policy (GDPR)

As a commitment towards the privacy of our clients and website visitors we have put in place, for all to see, our privacy policy. The details included are also inline with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) European Law 25 May 2018.

General Aspects

All data that we receive and store from our customers or visitors to our website (hereby referred to as ‘you’) is done so for the sole purpose of helping you with the specific enquiry you made. Under no circumstances will we pass on this data to a third party.

If you require any further clarification, please use our email address provided in the contact section  to ask for assistance.

What information we collect

On the online personal pet portal, we ask you to provide the following information, that can be related directly to you:

How we use your information

Your information is used by Shipley Pet Care to conduct our pet care services including home visits, pet taxi and boarding and to make contact regarding booking queries or in case of emergencies during your absence.

Your personal data security

Any data you pass onto us which is personal to you and can directly identify you, such as your name, email address, phone number etc, will be dealt with as securely as possible. This includes the below points;

  • Whenever we ask for the data from you we will ask for consent, via your personal online pet portal and this is through a positive opt-in checkbox with clear details on

  • Personal information is stored on a secure pet sitters software (Pet Sitters Plus) to keep safe. The information is also accessible on an encrypted work mobile. Only employees of Shipley Pet Care can access your information. 

  • All clients have full access to their personal information on their online pet portal and can change any information they have given using their own username and password to login.

Your right to be forgotten

We will keep your personal information and any data for as long as is necessary to continue providing you and your pet with a service, or until you ask us to delete or remove it, should you wish to be forgotten by us. This is inline with the GDPR ‘right to be forgotten’ and we will comply within the EU specified 1 month period.

If you would like to proceed with the removal of all personal data we hold about you please contact us.

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