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Hello Pet Parents!

We're so excited to finally share our brand new and improved website with you.

It's been a long time coming and we hope that this makes navigating our services much easier. In addition to the new look, we're also introducing our brand new promo video, which we hope you'll enjoy as much as we did making it! (Check it out on the first page)

We've always wished to include more fun and educational content on our website, with lots of pet caring treats for thought ! Here on this blog page we hope to share some fun and valuable content that follows our small business values of ethical, conscious and eco friendly pet care.

We will also use this as a space for us to keep you updated on the latest news and information.

Overall, we're thrilled with our new site and hope you enjoy it too. We're excited to continue to update it with useful content that we hope is helpful to both pet owners and the small businesses we support.

Stay tuned for more !

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